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    1. Flash memory – these consume very little power and can be the size of a fingernail. They are generally used in mobile phones or as thumb-drives. As thumb-drives they could be connected to a computer or a laptop and data can be added or deleted very easily. Thus these are very handy and provide a lot of easy storage. Some drives are even protected with password security so that the data do not fall into wrong hands. Depending upon the size (1 GB to 256 GB) anything and almost everything can be stored. The small size factor makes it easy to be carried and used with computers anywhere.
    2. Hard drives – these form an inexpensive option of saving huge amounts of data. In this set up an external hard drive is attached to the computer by means of a cable. This way the data is transferred to the external drive and kept safe. However, for safety purposes, the data present on the external drive should be backed up on to a flash device.
    3. Online storage – there are several services that provide for storage of data over the internet. There are remote servers that help in storing the data and that data is protected with passwords. Files can be uploaded using a free or a paid service in which even large files can also be uploaded. The clients and employees can share those files if they have access to those files via the passwords. That way the data can remain safe even if the local computer breaks down and can be retrieved from any other computer. However, the transfer of data can be slow if the network speed is slow.
    4. Network attached storage – if you want a fast, simple and reliable storage solution then go for NAS or network attached storage. Mostly suitable for small and medium businesses, this provides a cheaper alternative for many users to share over the network. From being very simple like using a basic hard drive it can go higher with USB and FireWire ports. Not only storage but also peripheral devices like printers can also be shared through NAS. A more advanced system is using a RAID set up. In this there are multiple hard disks and at the same time the data is written on to 2 or 3 drives as well. This provides for a very good backup of data.

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    The technical aspects of QLE2560-CK are:

    • It is a single port 8 Gb Fiber Channel device.
    • It can offer up to 1600MBps speed at full duplex.
    • For increased virtualization there are 256 queue pairs.
    • It can dynamically manage power with the help of StartPower link training.
    • The HBA driver and firmware architecture are united.
    • The topology used in this system is FC-AL, point to point, FCAL2 and switched fabric.
    • The protocol followed is FCP-3-SCSI and FC-Tape.

    A host of features are present in the QLE2560:

    • It provides great security, dynamic provisioning, multiple connections sharing the same port and good quality of service.
    • This is optimized for power efficiency and so offers good power management options. It is equipped with PCI express link training, lower airflow modifications through thermally efficient layouts.
    • By maintaining Overlapping Protection Domains, the device provides the highest data integrity.
    • Security is high in this model since it enables fabric level isolation, end to end data integrity and SAN level authorization.
    • The compatibility is at the back with 2 GB and GB speeds. Deployment is simple as there is a single driver per OS and the firmware that is embedded in the model clears out any problems between firmware and driver.
    • As the model is API compatible with all 4 GB products it can be deployed easily without any issues and also ensuring compatibility with applications.

    So, in a nutshell let us review the product’s features and advantages:


    • Fibre channel 8 Gb to PCI express
    • Speeds of 1600 Mbps at full duplex
    • Two hundred thousand initiator and target IOPS.
    • PCI Express Card specification and Bus Power management interface.
    • Hot plug specification and star power link training.
    • PCIe x8 physical connector, max x4 lanes for Gen2 rate and max x8 lanes for Gen1 rate.


    • Very much reliable, available and can be serviced easily.
    • The security is optimized.
    • Optimized for power, virtualization and management.

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    • It has a number of circuits that allows it to connect with the different networks easily.
    • It can be either installed in a computer case or can be attached as a USB adapter.
    • It is a hub for all the ports and offers the user a distinctive service with this quality.
    • The indication lights show whether the cable is connected or not. This feature helps the users to understand whether it has started operating or not.
    • The speed of the network interface card is generally very high but it fluctuates in different networks.
    • It also has the feature of being available at a very affordable and pocket friendly price that allows more and more users to afford it and enjoy the benefits of its service.
    • It provides a stable connection between the device and the cable or other ports.
    • They are not prone to any interface in the radio and wireless adapters.
    • The device has also got a good connection speed that assists the user to complete his work quickly.
    • Its connection speed and other services help many enterprises and other users to grow their market base and enhance their commercial dealings.
    • It also has the characteristic of easy configuration that makes it a favorite of many users. The easy installation and configuration saves the precious time of the users.
    • It also provides security to the data and the system and prevents any kind of hijacking or intrusion.

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    Let us have a look at what this revolutionary technology is:-

    1. StackWise Technology – this is a stacking mechanism architecture that is optimized to be used in Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.
    • This modern system of technology has been devised to any sorts of redeployment and deletions and additions while at the same time maintaining performance at a constant level.
    • In this system up to nine single switches can be combined into a single logical unit. This is achieved with the use of special stack interconnect cable and a special stacking software.
    • The switches can be made from any combination.
    • The total unit will tend to behave like a complete single unit.
    • There is a master switch that will control all the other switches. It is designed to automatically create and update all the switching tables.
    • As the master switch is chosen from among the member switches, it is very easy to add or remove existing member switches and that to without the service getting interrupted.
    1. EnergyWise Technology – this is an innovative architecture that has been designed for saving energy.
    • This system reduces the consumption of energy in corporate infrastructure. It enables companies to measure how much power is used in network infrastructure and devices attached to the network.
    • There are certain policies that are used to manage the power and reduce it for cost savings.
    • It consists of an approach that is quite intelligent in communicating through messages to control energy between devices and endpoints.
    • The system searches for the devices, checks the usage of their power consumption and finds out ways to reduce the excess consumption of power.
    • This technology uses a specific domain naming system for gathering information from a large set of devices. This is simpler than the presently network management systems that are used.
    • The interface for energy management uses SSL or SNMP technology to make all the systems working.

    The benefits of this StackWise system are:

    • This system is easy to use since it can manage and configure itself. There is no problem in adding or removing switches.
    • The performance does not get interrupted at Layer 2 and Layer 3.
    • Using different types of switches the stack can be created.
    • The system offers greater support for multicast operations.
    • Since each stack is managed as a single object the IP address to is similar.
    • 10 Gigabit Ethernet for increased uplink is also supported.

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